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Have you washed you hair yet? or shampooed your hands?

You’ve seen it right?

The advisory details from Governor Hogan regarding salons operating for essential employees?

You saw it and thought about me right?

I thought about you too!!!!!!

I miss you girl!

Is it too soon to get your hair done?

Is it too soon to reopen?

The answer, there isn’t one. We are sorting out a new normal. I am fortunate to be able to tailor your salon experience in the small space that I offer. Whatever your choice may be, I support you. While we are in (for the millionth time) unprecedented times, we are all trying to locate a new normal. I will be linking correspondence from the Governor on my website and I invite you to ask me any question you may have.

As my salon doors reopen, I’m keeping your health (and mine) the priority. Did you know that become a cosmetologist we have to take a 4 week course on Safety and Sanitation? Or that we are required by law to use hospital grade disinfectants to clean? And though it’s super popular now, we are required by law to change our gloves, combs, capes and towels after EVERY guest. Sure, we make you feel good and look even more beautiful...but we are licensed professionals and one of our responsibilities is to protect you.

My children and I have been home with my children (spending TONS of time together...please help) for 5 weeks and no one has been ill in that time frame. I will be officially taking appointments beginning April 30. As far as your “essential,” status...that is between you and your employer. Because even if your working from home, self care is just as important as health care. My obligation is your safety.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or to schedule an appointment. There is also a new gift card feature if you would like to purchase them for future appointments. You can find a list of my updated salon policies and procedures regarding Covid-19 at

I appreciate you, be well.

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