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Live! ...from the living room...

I won’t bog you down with the “Due to the uncertainty of times and Covid 19...,” I’m sure you have heard enough of that on the news, your phones, your emails. (The amount of emails is unreal.)

So I’ll make this a good one.

I have to close because the building I am in is closed.

You know me well to know I love for my guests to KNOW and to LOVE their hair. I want to be a resource to you even without the pandemic, so I'm pushing out positive (Lysol covered) information.

1. If you want to color your hair...don’t. It could all be so simple right? I know, I know...but don’t let it get the best of you. If your are in the store buying toilet paper, milk, and other perishables... don’t walk down the hair color aisle. Call me for intervention. #help #HomeColorists #colorCorrection

2. Bangs- Are you a cutter? PUT THE KITCHEN SHEARS DOWN! You think I won’t notice eh? So it’s fine if you do cut your own bangs...truly...just don’t go all mullet ya know? Hair can grow back and possibly by the time we are released from our homes...everyone will be Rapunzel.

3. Take time to do a deep conditioner at home. STOP, before you add that to your next essential store you don’t need a product that says “deep conditioner,” use an egg and olive oil. You can also get fancy, take your favorite conditioner, microwave it for 30 seconds, add a few drops of olive oil and slather it on dry hair! Be sure to rinse this very well. You are only spending time with your nuclear families right now but greasy hair is still a no.

You got this! We got this!

It is completely normal during this transition to notice some shedding. So brush your hair daily. (I see you in the 3 day old messy bun) If you do it infrequently, you’ll notice “more” hair shedding when it’s hair that just hasn’t moved in a couple of days. I know your couch surfing so don’t forget to protect your hair from abrasive fabrics while you’re Netflixing and Chilling. (I.e. cotton, suede, wool, etc) Don't forget to use your Invisibobbles for breakage free ponytails.

I am excited to see you all in the spring, or summer, or ya know.


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