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Its Anné looks like Anne, but think of Renee without the "R"

The feeling of beauty always fascinated me. It's amazing how a few spins of a curling iron or snips of shears, could completely change the way someone feels. I'm eleven years invested in the beauty industry and I still get all the "feels," when someone loves their hair.

Behind the concealer, mascara, and obligatory Starbucks cup... I'm a wife to a guy named Rick, a mom to three boys, and recently one baby girl. Nothing about my household screams glitter and pretty things quite yet. So it is the opportunity to meet YOU and create something "pretty," that gets my gears going.

I am a senior cosmetologist specializing in color. I also have great experience with styling, cutting, and extensions. I am most proud of my diverse clientele, as they allow me to constantly adapt to the ever changing beauty trends.

I'd love to chance to meet you and laugh a lot while we partner to create something beautiful!

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